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two women bitching back and forth with each other relentlessly until neither can remember the point or source of the bitching
please, don't play bitch tennis anymore
by freedom boy June 06, 2009
An exclamation to proclaim the sighting of the preferred location of the nipple on a woman's breast.
1) high, near the bra line
2) midpoint
3) to the sides
4) hanging down low
5) two mismatched areas
Opinions tend to vary and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
1) Did you see her nipples through her sweater? Nice placement!
2) All placement is nice placement!
3) Oh, look at that...high and centered...nice placement!
by freedom boy June 17, 2009
fat and fucking ugly
Your sister is fugly, and your girlfriend is fafugly!
by freedom boy June 12, 2009
A woman with a large buttocks.
Did you see her big ass, her name should be Fatush!
by freedom boy June 14, 2009
An obnoxious fool that always has to interrupt a story to one up someone with an unbelievable lack of skill and taste, and kill the mood.
Right in the middle of our conversation, the "Shyster Meister" had to tell some stupid story and destroy the mood!
by freedom boy June 16, 2009
Fart Noise Amplification Chamber. Most commonly known as the toilet bowl.
My brother was on the FNAC last night during dinner. His farts were so loud my sister could not finish her meal.
by freedom boy June 28, 2009
A nicer, cuter, more PC way to say "wet fart".
1) The one girl said to the other, "I laughed so hard I think I may have mooshie butt."

2) When you wipe after a fart on the toilet, and the tissue is brown.
by freedom boy June 12, 2009

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