10 definitions by freedav05

to remove your penis from someone's anus, and and have them give said penis oral without cleaning the fecally contaminated member off.
therese was so horny from me ramming my cock in her ass she could'nt resist going down on my cock for a smoking shit bob.
therese was so embarrased when i told her best friend about the shit bob she gave at darrel's kegger.
by freedav05 December 26, 2006
cell phone that could potentially explode upon placing/carrying it in your pocket.
yo bracy hang up that pocket bomb , and listen to me!

the stunned californian, looked down at where his wanker is supposed to be.....

apply actionable litigation one liners here!
by freedav05 January 17, 2007
a floating globule of shit in the toilet bowl that has a faint form, semblance. as diarrhea.
after a long night of eating all manner of finger food, and drinking jello shooters, dan could'nt believe his eyes when he looked into the toilet bowl to see one of the most digusting lilly pads he had ever floated.
by freedav05 January 07, 2007

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