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1 definition by freddy12

A city in the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities, in Minnesota. Population is 12,000 roughly. Is in a completely separate league financially from other suburbs that are equal or bigger in population and "famous" for their wealth; like Eden Prairie, Edina and Minnetonka. Some Kids that live there seem to want to be gangsta, they'll drive around in their Cadillac Escalade's and BMW's blasting rap with the windows down. That, however, is about the closest they will ever get to Murderapolis. The females at Sibley High in the city have their Louis Vuitton and Coach bags, and guys have their Ralph Lauren and Lacoste shirts. They really are about as far from the ghetto as one can be. The city has many parks, many are expansive, and well kept; and provide a place to constantly groom Sibley's next super crop of tennis players.
(A kid on a street corner in Eagan): I can see by that white kid's Range Rover, and his blasting rap, he must be from Mendota Heights.
by freddy12 March 12, 2009