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Almost every CS gamer has an addiction to counter-strike. excluding the minority who play it a couple of times, die each time, and then go into a fit of slagging off the game. CS gamers normally spend the majority of there free time playing counter-strike and trying to become a pro at it. Even though it is extremely unlikely to happen most carry on after the denial stage as their addiction is too great to ignore. Like the comment above they can be mainly described as being totally white, almost albino, and sometimes look like a shaven animal who has an alergy to the cold. In extreme cases almost their whole body is muscleless, except from there fingers(strong but still skinny to give optimum accuracy on the keyboard) and the muscle that is used during masterbation on their strongest arm, which is abnormally strong. Every so often a teenage cs gamer claims they have lost their virginity and taunts the other gamers...this person is normally given the silent treatment by the others until he conforms again.
Phrases regularly used:-
lol (an average rate of once every 15 seconds)
nice shot
hacker (normally if someone gets a lucky kill)
good job
by Freddo March 15, 2005
A typographical or grammatical error in any type of electronic correspondence that you send to others (normally at work). The error can be subtle or obvious but it's just like the Waldo books where you have to search, sometimes for a very long time, in order to find the error.
Here is an obvious example:

I can't believe that your leaving the company on such bad terms.

In this case, "your" should actually be "you're" to be grammatically correct.
by freddo February 23, 2005

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