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5 definitions by freddie got fingered

An area that is sectioned off so a man can have his own space away from the wife or gf. This space would include TV,lazy boy recliner,stereo,refrigerator with a keg of beer,games,and wall to wall porn.
Bob wanted some alone time from his wife,so he wandered off to his man cave.
by freddie got fingered November 06, 2010
67 52
A sort of man cave for dateless men to masterbate in.This can be a shed,barn,or an old trailer.
Patricia bought a trailer for her pedophile son fred.Now fred can whack off anytime he wants in his very own jerkatorium.
by freddie got fingered November 06, 2010
4 1
It's when a big harry guy pisses down his gay lover's throat while getting a blowjob.
Tom surprised fred with a Sasquatch Waterfall during their last blowjob session,and fred loved every ounce of it.
by freddie got fingered November 05, 2010
4 2
After a night of binge drinking and then eating a Taco Bell,you shit all over one of your passed out buddies.
Tom and fred got all shitfaced and then stopped at taco bell. When they got home,fred passed out and tom gave him the old Tejuana Mudslide.
by freddie got fingered November 05, 2010
6 6
This was slang in the late 70's which means skank nowadays. A female that is basically a low life,trailer trash,worthless,piece of shit, bottom feeder named after a man's genitalia.
That worthless paula was nothing more than a low-life scrote.
by freddie got fingered November 08, 2010
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