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Cheetorea is a form of poo that is of a soft comsistantcy. It is a more solid form of diharea that comes in small bubble filled curls shaped like cheetos. It is often accompanied by poo blasting farts
after the Cheetorea slipped out the room smelled of stink
by fred the tapeworm April 28, 2005
a bomb that is concealed in the womb of female manatees so that it can pass into enemy waters unoticed. the bomb is hard to detect due to manatees already being fat beyond all belief. Bombs can be atomic bombs if nessisary.
The skilled general used a manatee bomb to destroy unsuspecting tourists.
by fred the tapeworm April 28, 2005
A Stink Child is another term for a fart. Stink Children can be of any smelling brand of fart.

They often ocompany cheetorea
see Cheetorea / poo
Whne He let the Stink Child rip, everyone was apalled and soon nausiated
by fred the tapeworm May 19, 2005

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