3 definitions by fred smith

A number of pieces of excremental matter.
"What ho, my good chap! It appears that during one's perambulatory peripateticism one has encountered a number of pieces of excremental matter that have adhered to the base-plate of one's footwear. S**T!
by Fred Smith October 23, 2003
Stunningly beautiful; sexy (woman). Also describes anything very good; amazing. East Yorkshire slang
Not to be confused with the London slang word: Bramah, which means 'spectacularly ugly'.
Did ya see the bonny lass I were out wi last night?
Aye she wo brymer!
by Fred Smith October 23, 2003
Derived from the term 'mongol', to describe someone who has downs syndrome (retard).
You utter monga
by fred smith March 07, 2003

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