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A quick tempered, slow witted jock, often in the context of a bully. A Biff often compensates for his lack of knowledge with force or otherwise aggressive action.

The term is derived from the bully in Back to the Future I and II who harassed George McFly not only in has past, but also through the future.
Yo McFly, why don't you make like a tree and get outta here.
by Fred Rogers February 25, 2004
a small laptop made by sony that homos carry
stick your fancy purple picture book up your gay ass
by fred rogers April 12, 2004
n., A cuntfart
"Anna Nicole ripped off three quick queefs, clearing the dance floor"
by Fred Rogers March 24, 2003
n. Man sap
"You were born to worship my cock, and slurp on my knob, and tongue my fucken ballsack, and take my load of spew right in your fucken face!" (Rev. Marty Nation in R. Kern's "Fingered", 1986)
by Fred Rogers May 15, 2003

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