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Philosophy is really simple. If one has no excess energy one can do nothing. If one has any excess energy one can do one of five things with any external or internal thing.
1. Interact with it in the here and now.
2. Put it aside for potential future interaction.
3. Recycle it.
4. "Dispose" of it.
5. "Ignore it."
This is all there is to anything.
Philosophy is simply anything one can imagine or do, and one can only do one of the above five things.
by fred ressler September 28, 2006
Exoteric commonly means intended for or likely to be understood by the general public. The general mass of humans are given words, ideas, teachings, morals, myths, analogies, philosophies, memes and dogmas as a way of controlling their behavior. As a bull is controlled with the aid of a ring thru his nose, the masses of humans are controlled by means of exoteric knowledge.
Zippy was hard to control because exoteric knowledge escaped his micro-cephalic mind.
by fred ressler August 17, 2016
A Singulair is a person in his own world. This person can never be part of a group because she / he sees things so differently that there is no real communication. We may all be singulairs and not realize it. We may think we are in the same world as others but under a spell or illusion.
Edwina was so different she could never find a mate because she was a singulair and lived in her own virtual universe.
by fred ressler August 16, 2016
One of the original spiders who cast the web in which we have not escaped for 2,400 years was plato. He banished art, making himself the only artist. Only he was a master B.S. artist. He learned from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians how to enslave man "permanently," unless we can find away out of his Platonic thought and actions. He came up with a world of ideas that he convinced many people existed. Some were downright racist/fascist like his concept of the three metals that we all supposedly had at our essence. Guess who had the "Golden essence." Correct it was Plato. Guess the slave's metal. Right, lead. You too could have this golden essence, if you worked hard for Plato, fought in his army, didn't rock the boat, and paid 40% of your income to fight Plato's wars to kill and enslave your fellow man who was most likely much like you. He was one of the first protection racket politicians. Scare them and they will follow. Sound familar?
We are looking for a way to escape plato's web, but can't find it because we are looking with plato's eyes.
by fred ressler September 29, 2006
"A" is far from a simple, harmless word. It is the beginning of the dictionary and the start of people following all the words and ideas that plato handed down to us. The way is not the worded way. Words are just ideas; starting with the word "a," all other words and ideas follow. All words are defined by other words. Do any of them mean anything ? Once a person said he didn't believe in "a," he was shot by the leader who said, "anyone else not believe in "a?". Soon everyone was using the term. That's how all our words got to be accepted. "A" means separate, or individual, and when one thinks about it nothing is separate or individual. This type of division has been the start of all war, and has led to the current world situation.
"Once eddy believed in words and ideas, starting with the word "a," it was easy to get him to be a good little tax payer, kill people he didn't know, as a soldier, and spend his life working, killing, and dodging bullets, instead of living." We could be working 6 hours per year for a middle class life instead of 5200 hours. We could have no war, prison, slavery, slave mastery, super rich, super poor, or "peace," which has led to war more than any other idea. If we are going to use words, we should re-write the dictionary starting with the letter "a." Eliminate negaive concepts, and the positive concepts will follow. Speak American in the U.S. We are the only major country in which a foreign language (English) is spoken as the standard accepted language. .
by fred ressler October 07, 2006
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