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5 definitions by fred bamburger

something original that no one has thought of before
Hey, what if i was to put sprinkles on my ice cream? Genius.
by fred bamburger September 27, 2006
110 28
its a board with letters on it. satan is just as likely to haunt your keyboard as he is an ouija board.
i think ouija board is a satanic device. i am an idiot
by fred bamburger December 11, 2006
133 66
a sew hoy is a mysterious oriental person with many mysterious oriental talents. such as being able to move faster than the eye can follow, awesome martial arts, amazing drawings and the ability to dance like a ninja.
Check out that sew hoy breaking it down like a ninja!
Holy shit was that a sew hoy? Don't know, he moved too fast.
by fred bamburger September 27, 2006
29 11
step 1: don't wash your hair for several days/weeks/years

step 2: dye you hair black and/or red (if your truly emo you could use your own blood)

step 3: get way too much gel and and completely fuck up the back of your head

step 4: arange your fringe so that you can only see out of your left eye (thus halving the ammount of misery you have to see in your stupid emo life)
voilla! you now have emo hair

emo 1: how deep is this cut?
emo 2: don't know, ive got no depth perception
by fred bamburger October 09, 2006
80 101
amazing people. truly kings among men
editors are the best!
by fred bamburger October 10, 2006
30 74