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A play on the word 'quality', it's used to denote something that really isn't of great quality.
Toys made in china might be described as kwalitee
by fred March 14, 2005
1. a noun epitomizing everything that is putrid and horrible
by Fred February 16, 2005
The person that loves cheese so much that he is made of cheese and he hates whores.
I'm the Cheese Lord hear me crap my self!!
by Fred January 07, 2005
nerds like to believe that, because they don't have any friends and prefer to spend their weekends sat infront of a computer screen 'socialising' on internet message boards with other like-minded losers, they are in fact 'unique non-conformists'

sadly, they're deluding themselves

see also: geek, outcast, loser
nerd: donnie darko rocks. I can totally relate to the main character, I'm just like him.
me: shut up bumfluff
by Fred September 25, 2004
remove the generic insult after absolute gonk,gimp etc. and your left with an insult.
'what an absolute'
by Fred October 20, 2003
A bottom which is dirty, unclean.
You dirty, dirty, dirtbum.
by Fred September 25, 2003
The text hidden from the public view by the Cathlic church demed as hersey. These texts counterdicted the way the church was run. Many who still preached these teachings were burned by the church.
The Cathlic church says God is in the church, the Gnosis text say he is all around us no matter where you look.
by Fred October 19, 2004

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