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The new version of "wat"
Jacob: dude, I have herpes but your mom didn't mind last night.

Chris: watcha say?!
by freakishlyyours February 28, 2010
The irrational fear of bad breath.
I have halitophobia. I'm a halitophobic. I'm not so much afraid of ME having bad breath, I'm afraid of OTHER PEOPLE having bad breath.
by freakishlyyours February 18, 2010
To wear no underclothes.
James: oh gosh jack, look at that chick, she doesn't have any underpants!! I can even see her pussy under her skirt!!!

Jack: yeah, she's Cyrusing.
by freakishlyyours February 05, 2010
A new genre of music. Requires no real musical talent and is based on catchy beats and electronic effects that make those songs perfect for partying or chilling. Can't be considered as techno since the electronic effects in those songs are mainly (if not only) used to hide the crappy voice of the singer. Although the "artists" of this new genre have no musical experience, they still make a lot of money.
Some examples of Ke$ha style's artists: 3HO3, Kesha, Owl City, etc...
by freakishlyyours February 26, 2010
To make a video on Youtube and get over 100 millions of views in less than 3 months.
First video to ever reach this summit was the video "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, which is the reason why this is named "Ladygaging".
by freakishlyyours February 05, 2010
When someone uses Twitter to promote his facebook group.
The Twitter's Facebook group (now deleted) is the best example of what a Twitbook is.
by freakishlyyours March 02, 2010

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