10 definitions by freakazoid

often use to say that someone is scratchings on turtables aka wheels of steel
jam master jay is on the cut.
grandmaster flash is on the cut.
mix master mike is ont the cut.
eric b is on the cut.
by Freakazoid May 25, 2005
possibly the worst rapper ever. He mumbles in his songs so that no one can understand what is he saying. He thinks he so hardcore and gangsta just because he got shot(making people retarded because they think getting shot is cool).
50 cent is a really bad rapper because half the time he doesn't rhyme, mumbles, doesn't have any turntable scratches, every song from him sound the same, is simple(retarded), and doesn't have any good vocab in his rhymes.
by Freakazoid May 25, 2005
some drug in the video game grand theft auto 3.
here's your spank.
You got any spank?
by Freakazoid May 24, 2005

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