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originated at at an australian festival
use momma chicken instead of mother fucker or SHIT
you accidently brake somthing that aint yours you say "SHIT" or "mother fucker" but instead "MOMMA CHICKEN"
by FREAK June 07, 2004
'were gonna fix you up real good' 'you are fucked big time'
werfix punk
werfix man
by freak April 15, 2005
Something that fat guys have, similar to a woman's breasts, but nowhere near as attractive
If you searched for this, you probably have manboobs.
by Freak July 28, 2003
The tags that turn things you type in brackets into links to other urbandictionary.com words
I am using the word] tag and the brackets vanished....
by Freak August 02, 2003
in western culture, a person whos obsessed with some form of japanese culture (usually anime-related) (correct me if im wrong)
ANIME OTAKUS KNOW THAT ITS NEGATIVE IN JAPANESE! >.<* its like saying to someone i have no life...hahaha...
by FREAK February 03, 2004
The opposite of Cleveland Punk. 1st and 2nd wave punk that came from New York City.
NYC Punk bands are The Ramones, The Voidoids, Television, New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers, Talking Heads, Blondie, Patti Smith Group, Agnostic Front, The Jam, The Shirts, The Sick F*cks, Yo La Tengo, Social Distortion The Germs, The Velvet Underground, Tuff Darts, and Lemonheads.
by Freak March 01, 2005
A large brown animal with big antlers.They reproduce by nasal sex.
Wow that animal is brown and has big antlers and is having nasal sex!It must be a MOOSE!
by freak December 20, 2003

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