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The hair line that begins just below a man's chest, runs down the middle of the abdomen and leads to the pubic region.
Bob thought Neel was really hot because Neel had such a dark, soft and lovely treasure trail.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
An ass kissing, self-inflated, "me first" son-of-a-bitch.
Jim, the office manager, was a total "ass wipe". You could always count on him to do whatever it took to may you look bad and him look good.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
jiz juice
I milked him till I got a mouthful of jiz juice.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
Males dressing like women but without attempting to hide their true gender (i.e., they keep facial hair or other clearly male attributes in tact).
George loved doing scag drag. He'd put glitter in his moustache and beard, use lots of mascara and wear exotic earrings while wrapped in a Sari.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
Cute young fellow; friendly and sexy.
Larry was really attracted to Chad because Chad was such a delightful little puppy.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
Sexy, but shy young lad.
Greg was really interested in getting to know Kevin better because Kevin was such a bunny.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
Just my type.
Chuck said Brad was a double JMT!
by fraterg May 11, 2003

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