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2 definitions by fraroc

The WORST shock site of all time, im serious. It makes 3 guys 1 hammer, BME Pain olympics, and 1 guy 2 spoons seem like childs play. First you have this asian girl with a metal bowl sticking her entire hand down her throat and then barfing into the bowl and eating it and then barfing it again and eating it again and she does that until there's blood. it is sooooooo gross!!!!
bowlgirl was a girl Barfing into a bowl and eating it
by fraroc September 11, 2009
22 7
a roller coaster type found in japan notable for being long an boring and unsafe. Most of them have stupid names like Super Thrill Train Speed Roller Coaster. Manufacturers include TOGO, Senyo Kogyo, and Meshio.
I rode a jet coaster in japan the other day, I almost fell off.
by fraroc August 08, 2010
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