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A feeling of rejuvenation after tasting a woman's vagina.
The revaginating sex position is when one lifts the woman above his head and drinks her vaginal nectar as one would with an ancient clay pot or jug on mount Olympus.
Last night was revaginating.
She tasted amazing, quite revaginating.
She was too heavy to be revaginating.
by franky2toes July 06, 2011
A sex position where one lifts the woman above his head with his arms and drinks her nectar. His feet are two shoulder lengths apart facing East while his arms lifting her towards the sky in honor of the Gods of Mount Olympus.
I don't go to the gym, the Fountain of Olympus keeps me fit.

If she's bored in the sack, summon the Fountain of Olympus.

I dislocated my shoulder trying to drink from the Fountain of Olympus.
by franky2toes October 14, 2011

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