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14 definitions by franklin delano roosevelt

Sessoms Nautical Gifts - Located in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. A whimsical store full of knick-knacks and mini sea-shells that look like trix brand cereal. A hot spot where geriatrics and rowdy teens can get together in peace. The aisles are overflowing with the crap they sell. Sessoms can never be destroyed because it is built with the power of love.... and really hardcore asbestos.
"Hey Megan and Greg, where should we get Joe's shotglass?"
"How 'bout SESSOMS NAUTICAL GIFTS? It's full of grand trinkets and miscellaneous potpourris!"
"Okee-Dokee!!! derp!"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
17 4
Said in a low quiet voice whilst you mabate. Your hand must be playing pocket pull or else it is no longer secretive. This phrase is derived from greetings, a popular slogan of slick hipster, Mr. Dente.
"I played secret greetings while the music teacher played a movie in class," said C. S.
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
12 2
A term used by Slut A to Slut B, referring to a battle royale. Normally when Slut A beleives that Slut B has gotten pregnant by Slut A's white trash boyfriend and she would like to have a brawl in the school gymnasium. Originated in 2004 in a high school cafeteria.
"I want my Fawa, Bitch"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
15 9
1. Jamaican restaurant franchise found all over the world. (Sometimes called the Krusty Krab)
2. Reffering to an eatery in south Philly that you will not be returning to at a later date due to the bulletproof glass they serve you from and the fact that the food tastes like human feet.
3. A meeting house for murderers, rapists, and the crazy homeless.
1. I love eating the jerk chicken at the Golden Crust
2. Dude, I think someone jerked off on my chicken from the Golden Crust
3. Brian and I tried to contain ourselves while at the Golden Crust from laughing at the large black man singing "The freaks come out at night"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
16 15
1. A beach-town located in New Jersey
2. A town full of rambunxious horney teens trying to get laid
3. a hard-on that just can not be tamed
1. Wanna go to Wildwood for senior week? Hellz no!
2. This thailand whore house reminds me of an all-girl Wildwood.
3. uhhh, teacher, i cant come get the paper at the moment. -WHY NOT, BILLY?- uhh, i got wildwood -HAHA! GO TO THE OFFICE! HA!-
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
73 78
1. Quite possibly the biggest retard to ever be on television. Makes his home on NBC 10 (home to Hurricane Schwartz! derp!)of the Delaware Valley. Might as well just mabate in his reports; I would be much more interested.
2. Complete Deuchebag loved by old ladies but despised by everyone else.
Terry Ruggles just did a report on hats! Jumpin' Gee Willickers, I love hats!
Terry Ruggles, You are a delight! -my mom
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt January 22, 2005
32 38
A funky girl who rides the school bus. Normally a black girl with the face of a horse, small breasts and a speech impetement. The girl might also stink of moldy cheese and have some sort of poorly constructed weave.
Bubbles: "Hi ALEX!!!"
(Under his breathe: "skanky black girl")
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
27 51