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A nick name for Conan O'Brien, given to him by Tom Hanks on the Tonight Show.
Conan hates being called Co Co
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
A character played by Conan O' Brien on The Tonight Show. The character is used durring a segment called Los Noches De Passion, and is always quite ridiculous.
"Yo Soy...CONANDO!"

His catch-phrace as Conando
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
1. The second song on Tom Waits' 2004 album, Real Gone.

2. A sentiment based on the lyrics and tone of that song. To tell some one to 'Hoist That Rag' is to tell them that life is shit, but to stick it out.
God used me as hammer, boys
To beat his weary drum today

Hoist that rag

Hoist that rag
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009
The Germans' fabled Nazi-era version of alphabet soup. It is said that instead of making the pasta into letters, it was made into Swastikas.
"Ok, one last little one I can't leave without saying. During World War Two, in Germany they had,like alphabet soup, only over there instead of the alphabet they had little tiny Swastikas. Made of pasta. They called it Pastika. I wouldn't shit you about that." Tom Waits in concert
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009
A phrase that is used by Americans. Sadly it is no longer true, but to this day the Government forces people believe it is.

Sincerely Signed,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Conspiracy Theorist
"It's a free country!" Johnny to the Government

"No it's not!" The Government to Johnny

"I'll think what I want" Johnny

"You'll think what I tell you." Government

"Ok." Americans to Government
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
Rain Dogs was released in 1985, becoming the eighth in Tom Waits' expanding discography. He had reverted back to his old self a little, in songs like Blind Love and Time. His voice had smoothed over a bit, but he still grasped his dark side, presenting evil little gems like Clap Hands and Jockey Full Of Bourbon. The title track is about being a person of the street, forgoing umbrellas and taxis for the rain and freedom.
An excerpt from Rain Dogs'
Diamonds & Gold

Some men will do it for diamonds
Some men will do it for gold
Wounded but they just keep on climbing
Sleep by the side of the road
There's a hole in the ladder, a fence we can climb
Mad as a hatter, you're thin as a dime
Go out to the meadow, the hills are a-green
Sing me a rainbow, steal me a dream
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
1. A meandering course, seemingly devoid of reason, but based upon a logical idea.

2. A term invented by Tom Waits for his 2008 tour press conference video. It began as an acronym for the cities on his U.S. tour list, and became the 'guiding word' of the tour.
We'll be taking a pehdtsckjmba across the country this summer, and we'll be zig-zagging coast to coast.
by Frank Rider December 06, 2009
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