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When a dog (or any animal or even an unruly spouse) has an itchy anus and proceeds to drag it on the ground to soothe the burning anal itch. Typically a dog will sit down, pull the hind legs up in the air and use the frong legs to propel across the floor.
Damn, Frank had the minister and his wife over at their house, and while they were having tea in the living room, Zippy sat right in front of them and did the electric slide. How embarassing!
by Frank Klaune March 29, 2005
Another common Tomism with humorous implications, "drug monster" refers to a person whose personality is higly changeable through use of drugs. It also refers to one who uses a large quantity of drugs and implies a dependence on such drugs.
Frank took a speedball, two hits off the bong, an LSD cube and a 'lude. Man, he is one drug monster!
by Frank Klaune February 13, 2005
Low viscosity excrement. The term "liquid thunder" is mainly used when describing loud, nasty shitting done by small babies.
Damn, Frank handed me the baby but just as soon as he did that I noticed there was liquid thunder running down the kid's leg.
by Frank Klaune January 21, 2005
"Masturbate and ejaculate." Humorous reference to male masturbation (and it's messy aftermath).
Man, no wonder Jimmy took so long in the shithouse. He had to bop the top and drop the slop.
by Frank Klaune May 28, 2004
Code-word euphemism for semen. Combination of "jim" (black slang for "penis") and jam (obvious implication). Often used in polite conversation to add a subtle, humorous sexual reference to a sexual act.
"Frank might be a bit late for dinner. He had to change his pants since he spilled some jim jam on them."
by Frank Klaune March 07, 2004
A difficult maneuver in which one person repeatedly slaps the face of another in a furiously rapid pace. Usually done so quickly that the hand is almost a blur.
"Frank just superslapped the dumbass who insulted him."
by Frank Klaune November 06, 2003
Slang term describing a police officer's baton. The term is best appreciated when the baton is furiously applied on the head of some stupid bastard who desperately deserves it.
We loved it when the dude who ran over the little kid resisted arrest, because it gave the police a good opportunity to use the meat tenderizer.
by Frank Klaune May 01, 2005

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