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A euphemism for merconium. Immediately after a baby is born, the first few shits he makes is full of merconium which is nearly like messy, nasty, sticky, gooey tar. Thus, "silly putty".
When Frank opened the diaper, silly putty leaked out on his shirt. Yuck!
by Frank Klaune January 24, 2005
Contest similar to "silly swords" or "pissing contest" where two (or more) males stand behind a straight line and urinate as hard as they can. The winner of "longshot" is the one who is able to piss the farthest.
"Mike and Frank were in the back yard playing longshot. Mike won, but I think he shit his pants straining."
by Frank Klaune March 06, 2004
To use your dong as the \"funnel\", your baby gravy as the \"cake batter\" and some hot chick\'s stomach area (near her belly button) as the frier. If you\'ve ever watched or made a funnel cake, it is now abundantly clear.
Damn! Frank was so worried about knocking up his girlfriend he pulled out and made a funnel cake!
by Frank Klaune April 26, 2005
The second smallest category in the scientific measurement of farts. Usually involuntarily released, the lett ranks between the SBD and a squibbler.
"Frank bent over to change the tire and a lett squeaked out."
by Frank Klaune March 05, 2004
Igniting one's own fart. It really does work. The typical "blue streak" is done with the farter sitting on the floor, legs in the air, and holding a bic lighter to the anus while farting violently. It is highly recommended that some sort of clothing be worn when this is done- not only to keep y ou from scorching your anus but also to keep you from shitting all over your friend's lighter.
Damn, Frank did a blue streak the other day. The fire ball was about a foot long!
by Frank Klaune January 27, 2005
How do you explain it? When playing golf, each of the guys tees off, plays the fairway and finishes with a final putt. The scorekeeper then tallies everyone's score for that hole. The person with the highest (worst) score for that hole must play the entire next hole with their penis protruding from their pants. Thus, the loser of that hole is "the donger".
Man, Frank sucks at golf. He was the donger so much last week he sunburned his dick!
by Frank Klaune May 28, 2004
1) Anoter one of many terms designating a type of fart. The "blat" is designated by an explosive blast of rectal gas. While the sound is ferocious, the smell is usually deadly. However the duration (of both the blat and the people standing around the blat-ter) is very brief (pun intended).

2) The type of fart typically associated with "Ocky" and "Clutcher" in the less-well-known comic series of the same name.

3) Designating one of the the two most obnoxious sounds of the tuba. In this context, the term is often spelled "blatt" and associated with "the other" obnoxious sound of the tuba, the "woop". Often the two sounds are grouped together (e.g. "blatting and wooping").
1) We were playing cards when all at once... BLAT! Grodie let one go, and the game was immediately called off.

2) BLAT!

3) Tubas... we're going to try that again. This time without the blatting and wooping.
by Frank Klaune November 21, 2004

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