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A colloquialism for a Heineken.
Don't touch my heinie!
by frank carter June 08, 2006
A potent drink usually accompanying the irish car bomb.

Directions: Fill a double shot glass halfway with Bailey's Irish Cream, then fill the rest of the way with Jameson's.

pour me a shillelagh mate.
by frank carter March 24, 2006

To kill/hit.
"If that fucker doesn't shut the hell up about Kat, I'll fucking clip 'im, I swear."
by frank carter May 14, 2005
1. To sneak into a site, usually active for the purposes of urban exploration. Can be used as either a noun or verb.

2. Ninjalicious' zine and website.
1. 'You up for an infiltration tonight?' 'Hell yeah, i love me some infiltration.'

2. I have a copy of Infiltration 5.
by frank carter June 12, 2006

A really bad deal, a scam. Could also be used to describe a bad idea.
$1500 for that shitty Honda? What a crack deal.
by frank carter April 13, 2007
Someone so obese, they take up two seats on an airplane, bus, or train. Bonus points if said person has to buy two tickets.
My flight to London sucked. I got stuck in a window seat for eight and a half hours next to a two seater.
by frank carter January 25, 2010
Abbreviation for COlorado Street Racing, Colorado's racing community.
COSR 0wnz j00, n00b.
by frank carter May 14, 2005

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