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a term often mistakenly translated into english as meaning "the race", the true meaning of la raza is much closer to "the people". this term cannot be properly defined in english by a simple one word answer due to language differences. i will explain the definition, but first:

other definitions on this site claim that la raza is a racist organization. they are refferring to a group that calls itself "national council of la raza", which they believe is a racist organization; and the people who typed those definitions mistakenly called the group la raza for short, either not knowing that la raza was actually a seperate term, or not knowing the true meaning of the term "la raza".

the term originated in the book "La Raza Cosmica" written by José Vasconcelos, a Mexican intellectual (1881-1959). He described la raza cosmica as the product of racial mixing over time that was already in progress (black, white, asian, native american, all becoming racially and culturally mixed due to the events of time, for example the conquest of mexico resulted in mixing of the blood and culture of the natives and the spaniards). He believed that eventually all of the races would be completely mixed into a new race that had the best attributes of all the cultures and would "show us the way" so to speak.

the term caught on as simply "la raza" and has come to refer to the people of mexican ancestry(mexican as in from mexico, not specifically the native mexica tribe)wherever they may live at the present time. La raza to us means "our people" of common ancestry the same way a proud U.S. citizen might say "americans" with the intended meaning as his/her people of this country, all sharing a common background. that is the true meaning of "la raza".

One may note that in the USA there's a political party called "The United People's Party". That is a proper translation of it's name "The Raza Unida Party", a group created to help support minorities and the poor.
"vive la raza" "long live the people"

Revolutionary human identity theories of the early 1900s include:
Marx and Engels "Das Kapital", C. Darwin's "Theory of Evolution of the Species" , and Jose Vasconcelos's "La Raza Cosmica".
by francisco villa September 03, 2006
combination of english and spanish words, spoken with the non-english accent and often contains words that are of neither language, or words with elements of both languages. may be spoken by someone who doesnt speak spanish and/or english well, or someone who speaks both very well. often used intelligently by switching languages for emphasis. also spoken by "latinos" in the united states who share parts of U.S. culture and culture from a latin american country, and prefer speaking both languages instead of one or the other (also can interchange languages at will).
parquear (par-ke-ar:, in english "to park" a vehicle, in spanish "estacionar") is an example of a spanglish word.
by francisco villa September 04, 2006
There are two meanings:

the place of origin of the mexica people, also known as the aztecs. somewhere far north of present day mexico city, though nobody knows exactly where. different places claim to be the home of the original aztlan, but experts have found strong evidence that it was in the area now known as the state of Utah.

During the civil rights movement, chicano rights activists began refferring to the U.S. land that once belonged to mexico as aztlan, this being more of a figurative meaning than a literal one. often when someone speaks of aztlan they are speaking of the southwestern united states as a common place where their mexican ancestors once lived, not literally meaning that the aztecs/mexica occupied the entire area, though there is no proof of whether or not they did actually occupy the entire area at one time.
"aztlan is the home of the aztecs" (literal meaning)

"born in aztlan, aka california" (not literal meaning)
by francisco villa September 04, 2006

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