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25 definitions by francis

A membranous fold of tissue that partly or completley occludes the external vaginal orifice.
by Francis November 25, 2002
a type of marijuana with strong potency.
The man purchased some Purple Haze from the drug dealer.
by Francis November 25, 2002
Internet Shortcut; forward
I put all of the email addresses in the FWD slot.
by Francis November 25, 2002
retarded..stupid.. NOT HOMOSEXUAL!
What a ghayness.
That's the ghayest thing i've ever heard in my life.
by Francis December 29, 2004
A sarcastic insult aimed at someone who tells others about their fights, crimes, drug usage, sex, etc...
by Francis November 25, 2002
a bushism: means the same thing as subliminal, only its pronounced by doubuya (W)
sublimidable messaging
by francis January 27, 2004