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Descriptive of the refreshing coolness of the underside of a pillow.
He was hot and uncomfortable and the abilene pillow was just what he needed to get to sleep.
by franchez January 24, 2006
Jimi Hendrix' second single, off his first album, Are you Experienced.
Purple Haze, is in my brain...
'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky!
by Franchez August 02, 2005
A word used to describe extremely fast guitar playing.
Wow! That solo was Shredalicious!
by Franchez August 01, 2005
A word sarcastically used to describe extremely fast, yet unmelodic, self indulgent guitar playing.
Person 1: Isn't Yngwie Malmsteen great?
Person 2 (sarcastically): Yeah... he's wanktastic...
by Franchez August 01, 2005

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