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Main entry: no (D)
Pronunciation: \ˈnō\ \ˈdē\
Function: noun

1: When a corrupt politician in the Democratic party is mentioned in the liberal media such as a news paper, the party affiliation is almost always dropped unlike Republicans which will have have the party affiliation with the name usually highlighted. You will know if a Republican was arrested if your news paper arrives with a car battery to power the glowing neon signs in front of that politician's party affiliation and name indicating a Republican which will be repeated infinitely.
2: A corrupt Democrat.
"Hey! Look at this paper. Another no (D) was arrested for a pay to play scandal."

"No (D)? Oh you mean another corrupt Democrat was in the paper."
#corrupt democrat #democrats #dems #d #honesty #corruption #corrupt #no d #no-d #no (d)
by Foznots August 03, 2009
Main Entry: (D) volve
Pronunciation: \di-ˈvälv, -ˈvȯlv, dē-\
Function: verb

transitive verb :

to pass on (as responsibility, rights, or powers) from one person or entity to a lesser irresponsible group of socialists

intransitive verb:
1 a : to pass by transmission or succession by means of deceit

b : to fall or be passed usually as a responsibility or obligation to a political party with no clue as to what responsibility or obligation even means
2 : to come by or as if by falling down
3 : to degenerate through a invasive "change" or evolution <where order devolves into chaos — Johns Hopkins Magazine>
The USA has (D) volved into a one party government.
#(d) volve #d-volve #devolve #fall #fail #corruption #democrats #democrat #dem
by Foznots August 10, 2009
Coffee Enema is a derogatory term for the Coffee Party which is a spin off of the Tea Party.
Will the coffee enemas be marching today?
#coffee-enema #coffee enema #cafe enemas #teabagger #tea-party #obamabot
by Foznots March 06, 2010
An athy or athies (plural) is a pejorative term for atheists.

"Athies" is to atheists as the pejorative term "fundies" is to Christians.
"Great, I just got an other athy posting on my blog about how much they hate Christians."
#athy #athies #pejorative #athiest #secular #fundy #fundies #athi #atheis #athe #ath
by Foznots March 23, 2009
A left leaning social site where non-liberal points of view are met with hate.

Conservative bloggers are banned regularly.

Liberals on sodahead frequently bash Christians and conservatives in creative and disgusting ways and will get sympathetic site moderators to censor or ban those who actually manage to get the upper-hand on them in a debate.

Sodahead is a site for rhetoric, vitriol and flames.
Have you ever used sodahead?

Soda who?!
#sodahead #soda #head #soda head #liberal #hate #site #rhetoric #vitriol
by Foznots March 29, 2010
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