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the nicest phone from Verizon Wireless. It is better than the iPhone:
1. it's not $600.
2. you can actually buy a warranty on it.
3. verizon wireless was voted #1 worldwide in terms of best service and phones.
4. you can actually text on it, and open it up to the full keyboard.
5. it takes better and bigger pictures than the iPhone.
6. it doesn't ring up as many extra charges for internet as the iPhone does.
7. it is thinner, and smaller. can usually actually fit in your pocket.
8. it doesn't just randomly freeze and turn off.
9. it was actually created around the same time as the iPhone, but advertised later just to prove how much better it was than the iPhone.
10. doesn't break as easily.
11. you don't have to use the internet to get to everything.
"oh that's so cool, you have the voyager!"
by foxy mama "ab" April 03, 2008
a synonym for "crazy", just a cooler way to spell it. this word is mostly used by valley girls and people who like to talk fast.

"ehmagawd, that's like, soo kuhracy cool!"
"i totally love the cd you got me, bobby, it's like, kuhracy cool."
by foxy mama "ab" April 01, 2008
a term used to describe a girl who isn't usually chubby or overweight, but is looking or feeling especially fat or chubby at that certain time. chubetteness can come from eating a large meal and feeling full.

**note that this phrase is only used by girls who are actually NOT fat, but think they're fat.
"uggh! i'm getting to be a real chubette."
"someone's become quite the chubette"
by foxy mama "ab" April 01, 2008
a word to describe a cute, sweet, chubby teenage boy.
"aww look at little frankie, a little chubberino!"
by foxy mama "ab" April 02, 2008

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