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Gangsta Rap a type of rap music sub genre thatis generally viewed as music that condones violence, sex, murder, crime, cursing, and more controversalmethods to entertain listeners. Yet, even though the majority of gangsta rap artists have beenusing those types of ways to express their feelings about the gangster lifestyle ...it is a misconception that Gangsta Rap is primarily a definition of violence and adult themes. Eazy E has stated in a 1993 interview that it is up to the individual on how they do their music. There are many ways to do Gangsta Rap with out the use of controversal standards such as expressing the ghetto enviroment, rapping without cursing in a non unethical manner about being a gangster, and many other things that can contribute to the formation of Gangsta Rap it is not limited to just sex and violence
Mitchy Slick is a San Diego native of Lincoln Park in Bay Vista. Even though sometimes he does express his gangsta rap persona in a threatening manner . There are many songs on which he is civilized and talks about the gangster life with out such horrific description. In songs like "I Know" he raps about how people are still not getting record deals when they deserve it and how they are still in the streets looking for a way out and yet they still represent where they are from
by fourteendekoy January 24, 2011

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