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A meme-killer is a person that overuses a certain meme or phrase. They use it so often that it becomes old and unfunny very quickly. The meme-killer is especially bad when using the meme incorrectly.
John: 'How was dinner?'
Tim: 'Feels good man.'
John: 'Shut the fuck up already you meme-killer.'
by four1111s July 26, 2011
I don't know.

Also, 'awno' is an alternate/truncated spelling.
Floyd: 'Yo Vic what are you doin for dinner?'

Victor: 'Hmm iawno man, what are you feelin?'

Floyd: 'You wanna order some wings?'

Victor: 'I could fucks with some wings right now.'
by four1111s August 14, 2011
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