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A small wealthy city about 40 miles north of Atlanta that Forbes named the #2 place for (rich white) people. Despite the large variation in the population between such diverse groups as Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and Republicans, they all hold one thing in common: They refuse to acknowledge that their town's namesake is a synonym for blowing a huge load. They even dare outsiders to say something about it by opening stores such as BJ's Warehouse and Dick's right next to each other in the center of the city. But if you say anything, the local KKK will find you after nightfall. This could be a carefully orchestrated macrocosm of the punishment of temptation by the local religious community, but is more likely the natural process that occurs when fifty thousand morons are placed in a ten square mile area.
Righteous Steve: Hey, I just came back from Cumming!

Heathen Joe: How long did it take you?

Righteous Steve: I live a mile away, so it's close nearby.

Heathen Joe: That's a long way to go for a good time, pal.

Righteous Steve: Yes, I know. It's difficult to get to the annual food festival "The Taste Of Cumming" because you can't park, and it's very far away.

Heathen Joe: Do you really not hear what you're saying?

Righteous Steve: Why, yes I do. I enjoy Cumming, and so does my wife. We find Cumming to be a family friendly, Christian-rooted—

Heathen Joe: Excuse me while I cough into this tissue. *GHA-HAHA*
by fotografioj March 16, 2011
Luke thinks it's warm. But Luke is a dumbass, so I wouldn't take his word for it.
Jeff: This coffee is lukewarm. Who the hell was Luke, anyway?

Rick: I don't know. He must've been a dumbass.
by fotografioj December 29, 2011
East Atlanta or "The Village" is a neighbourhood located south of Memorial Drive along Flat Shoals Road in Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly a victim of urban blight, in recent years it has transformed itself from its former existence into a trendy urban neighbourhood that is known along with Poncey-Highland as the mecca of hipsterdom for the entire Southeast. Highlights include Feed Your Head, a record store that is known for being open into the wee hours; the Sopo Bike Co-Op, where hundreds of friendly hipsters can help you fix your bike; and The Earl, a bar and concert venue with a massive mural for Pabst Blue Ribbon painted on the brick wall outside.
If I had known Radiohead was playing in town last night, I would have gone on a robbery spree in East Atlanta between 7-11pm. Could've taken a truck load of skinny jeans and vinyl records.

— WeAreAllIndividuals
by fotografioj March 19, 2012
1. The condition of gradually losing sanity due to the inability to remove "playbacks" of songs from your conscious mind. This occurs when hearing a song several times in a row, wherein your brain can create a cyclical version of the song that repeats key parts of the song without ever ending. In extreme cases, even one word or phrase can be looped infinitely depending on the cadence, tempo, and succession of notes, such as the viral song "Friday" by Rebecca Black for which this syndrome is named. Short term symptoms are agitation and short temper. Particularly long cases, one hour or more, can lead to acts which are unusual for one not affected by this syndrome, such as hitting oneself or screaming, and in extreme cases, attempting to tear oneself's clothes off, coating oneself in maple syrup and various car parts, and blocking rush hour traffic by screaming little known facts about President Buchanan at drivers has been seen in desperate attempts to overcome the syndrome. There is no known cure.

2. The condition of the syndrome in a group of an unspecified number.

3. Any other condition in which one is unable to rid oneself of audial memory.
Parker: Hey, do you remember that song where—


Parker: I didn't know the Atlanta Symphony's performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons had affected you that way.

Gene: You did that on purpose, asshole.
by fotografioj March 16, 2011
A decade that began on January 1, 1981 and ended on December 31, 1990 by the technical definition of a decade (counting 1-10 instead of counting 0-9, same as 2001 began the millennium). However, the politics, music, fashion, and general culture that defined the 1980s stretched beyond the technical definition. Many see the entire first half of the 1990s as simply a continuation of the 1980s, and the last few years of the 1970s as a precursor to the 1980s. The reason this occured was because the 1970s and 1990s for the most part did not contain as many decade-specific defining cultural traits and were simply interim decades between two major decades (ie: the 1960s, the 1980s, the 2000s). Broadest definitions of the 1980s can typically range from 1976, the year Jimmy Carter was elected, to 1994, the year that the internet became easily accessible to the public.
1. I know the movie "China Moon" was released in 1994, but look at the way everyone's dressed, the music, the type of film used. Anyone who says that it's not a 1980's movie is an elitist.

2. You're telling me that Gary Numan's "Cars" isn't a 1980's song because it was released in 1979? Fuck you.
by fotografioj March 19, 2011

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