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the condition of having excess neck fat usually found on overweight people whereby their actual chin appears relatively non-existent when viewed in profile. The neck is often so fat that several "subchins" can be seen which are actually fat-folds. The term originated in 1987 from the last name of a man with the conditions described above.
"Holy shit, Nate! That guys got gopp!"
by fotoflex August 05, 2004
The phenomena in which a persons extremities are very short and wide. (like feet, legs, arms, hands, neck and not to be confused with a dwarf or midget) The person suffers no physical deformities, yet has wide, stocky extermities. Most easily recognizable are feet.
"Jack, that guy is club"
by fotoflex August 05, 2004
The condition in which a persons feet are very long, thin and curved, simulating the overall shape of the fruit with the same name.
That tall, skinny dude's got banana!
by fotoflex August 05, 2004

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