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When a man has an unusual or unusable amount of semen from lack of sex.
Guy: Hi, I'm Mike.

Girl: I'm Lisa.

Guy: If I ever touched your body I would ejaculate like a firehose used to quell black protests in the 60s.

Girl: <MariaCareyVoice>Touch my body...</MariaCareyVoice>
by forumssuck May 09, 2008
Where your penis sticks out of the top of your pants. Like a periscope.
Did you see that guys bonerscope? It was belly button high.
by forumssuck May 08, 2008
When a male blows his load on a females stomach and it dries.
Guy 1: My girlfriend let the cum dry on her stomach and it made a crunchy noise when she sat up.
Guy 2: My mom likes to call it stomach crunchies.
by forumssuck May 09, 2008
Where you punch a cow so hard in the head that it has an instant abortion. This works on women too.
Guy 1: So my chick was knocked up.
Guy 2: What happened?
Guy 1: I cow punched the bitch son!
by forumssuck May 09, 2008

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