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People who like chocolate, but don't understand the rules of word endings.

Derived (incorrectly) from "alcohol" and "alcoholic".
"Now I've met many chocoholics, but I ain't never seen no 'chocohol'" - Demetri Martin
by forteblast May 19, 2010
A character in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "In the Pale Moonlight". He is a Romulan senator.

Pictures of him are posted to message boards to indicate that some comment, picture, video, or other material is fake, forged, or otherwise suspicious. The caption "It's a faaaaaaake!" may overlay the image, or the image may stand on its own.

In the episode, when Captain Sisko tries to trick the Romulans into joining the Federation-Dominion war by giving him a forged recording of a high-level Dominion meeting claiming that the Dominion plans to attack Romulus, Vreenak discovers it is a fake, and angrily announces this to Sisko. The actor's delivery, like a snake spitting the word, meant this was destined to become a meme.
Commenter #1: Check out this cool video lolz <link to obviously fake "VCRs for cash" commercial>

Commenter #2: <vreenak.jpg>
by forteblast February 01, 2011
A way to describe just a little bit of snow falling, i.e., you could count the individual flakes.
News anchor: "Are we getting a lot of snow tomorrow?"
Weatherman: "Nope, just a few flakes."
by forteblast January 02, 2011
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