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A best friend is like companion, your life, your world, your everything. Best friends are the people who stay up together 'til 4 in the moring just talking, even though you knwo you have to get up at 8 the next morning. They are there for you no matter what happens. They love you for who you are, even when you aren't very lovable. They don't care, if you have other friends because they know you will never forget them. You know youu can always count on them to be there when you need them. They will tell you the things, you don't want to know just because you deserve to know. But then, when you need to cry about that truth, they are there. You might as well live at your house because, they are always there. After a while your parents, mr and mrs, become mom and dad to them. You can never find anyone just like your best friend. They are unique and to you, they seem flawless.
Best friends Emily and Marie
***3 am***
Emily: I think we should eat someting!
Marie: *jokingly* Gosh! You're such at fatty!
Emily: *joking back* There's a difference between fatty and some one who just loves eating!
Marie: True!
***4 am***
Marie: Are you asleep?!
Emily: NO! How could i be asleep!? *joking* You won't shut your trap!
Marie: Sorryyyy!
Emily: Haha! It's okay! Lets go for a walk in the dark!
Marie: Okie doke!
**Get back from walkk at 5am & goes to bed***
***wakes up at 8am***
Emily: *Yawn...*
Marie: *Yawn....* Stop yawning! You're making me yawnnn!
by forevere97 April 26, 2010

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