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1.The state of being after being made increasingly and unnecessarily lame.
2. A dumbing down or perversion of the original to twisted ideals.
Dude, have you noticed how Disney has bastardized so many good stories?
by Ford Prefect November 09, 2003
The movie; The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly is an Italian film)
Isn't Clint Eastwood in il buona, il brutto, il cattivo?
by Ford Prefect April 12, 2005
A bunch of mindless jerks who'll be second against the wall when the revolution comes.
The Gardner Group doesn't know its facts from a hole in the ground.
by Ford Prefect September 30, 2004
Somebody who makes funny noises in lectures, in a vain attempt to annoy the professor.
Mark, stop masturbating, Dr Fookass is trying to explain delayed prime integrations!!!
by ford prefect October 06, 2003
A fictitious place in a poem by Spike Milligan.
by Ford Prefect November 08, 2003
n. A non-specific object, gadget or device. Probably derived from "doodah" via "oojah". See also "Oojah-ka-Piv"
The latest oojamaflip from Acme will have a built-in mp3 decoder.
by Ford Prefect November 08, 2003

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