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The birth place of the FIFA World Cup, first held in 1930 in said country
Man 1: I wanna visit Uruguay?

Man 2: Uruguay? What the fuck is there?

Man 1: The stadium that first held the FIFA World Cup - back in 1930!

Man 2: You sure that stadium is still there?

Man 1: Fuck yeah! They ain't stupid to tear a place that made history down!

Man 2: Alright then! I'm gonna join you there!
by footballnotsoccer January 07, 2011
An international sporting event watched by terrorists and international political leaders alike and by everyone else in between... Truly a uniting sporting event for most of the world.
Police Officer 1: Damn thank God there are no terrorist attacks during the World Cup.
Police Officer 2: Why the hell would they bomb the event? Even Osama watches it come on...
Undercover Terror Suspect: You're damn right he does and be thankful for that!
by footballnotsoccer August 18, 2006
An event that tries to cast itself as the world's largest sporting event that is truly international, even though people know its a load of bullshit since its always dominated by superpowers like the US. Sorry, the World Cup owns that distinction (and every other sporting or TV/Media event cannot come close to the influence it has on people's lives on a global scale).
Man 1: Hey the Olympics are going on?
Man 2: What Olympics?! Fuck that bullshit, I'd rather watch the World Cup... Which is far more fun and cool than the fucking Olympics!

(Man 1 seems upset at his friend and at himself)
by footballnotsoccer August 07, 2006
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