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girls that can't stand to be different and also hate when someone else is. wear clothes by ambercrombie, hollister, roxy, ect. are complete and total bitches with small breasts. small brains and large egos.
preppy girls are backstabbers. ie:

prerry girl 1: Like OMG did u SEE what lola (preppy girl 3) wore yesterday

preppy girl 2: I KNOW it was soo 1920's totally disgusting.

Preppy girl 1: Just don't tell her i said that or she won't want to be friends anymore.

preppy girl 2: i totally swear.

preppy girl 2: *goes to preppy girl 3* k you'll never guess what bridget just said about you.

(preppy girl 3) OMG WHAT!!!!

preppy girl 2: she totally just dissed the outfit u wore yesterday.

preppy girl 3:NO WAY!!!!did you say anything with her?

preppy girl 2: NOOO! how could you even say that i'm ur friend? i gotta go byee! *walks away satisfied*

by football player chick September 01, 2008

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