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noun: a spunkier way of saying 'family'.
"i'm going post-christmas shopping with the famzo today but maybe we can chill later tonight"
by foolnumbafour December 26, 2009
basically being ridiculously cool and ridiculously skilled at something.
"if i don't text you back right away, that means i'm big flossin at Icy Tower"
by foolnumbafour December 20, 2009
Verb: Doing something dorky or dweeby. Acting like a dweeb.
"I'm number 10 of all my friends on Icy Tower, and I can make a 50 floor combo!"

"You're dweebin!"
by foolnumbafour December 13, 2009
a way to say 'okay' with more enthusiasm and excitement than the typical boring 'okay'. more E's can be added to the 'yee' to show more excitement.
"We just left, we'll be there in about 5 minutes"

"Let's go fly a kite!"
by foolnumbafour December 26, 2009
a more fun, lolcat speak-esque way of saying 'okay' through text message.
"do you want to come over and eat some pie?"
by foolnumbafour December 26, 2009
the same thing as nerves, but with a cool Z at the end. mostly used at the end of a sentence to add dramatic effect.
i have a huge math exam tomorrow. nervez!
by foolnumbafour April 14, 2010

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