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Spinach for black people.
Dogg, popeyes is one of the five food groups, nigga.
by Fool June 07, 2003
Shit hit the fan
Chaos, out of control
(boy hears parents yelling)
"Boy, shit hit the fan now"
by fool January 18, 2005
i love camp harlam
by fool May 20, 2003
Being twacked out is when you're on tweak and you're freaking out. Tweak is also known as ice, glass, crank, or most commonly, crystal methamphetamine.
Person A: "Dude, chill out!"
Person B: "Man, I'm totally twacked out." (Sitting there, picking at his skin/looking out the blinds/rocking back and forth)
by Fool June 17, 2006
Noun: 1)A mental and/or emotional state characterized by raving wisdom and debilitating inaction. 2)False enlightenment.
Studying philosophy and religion left him with nothing but misery and zerkler.
by Fool October 13, 2003
1. The instant before ones balls drop onto the head, having been hanging above prior. Also known as the pre-tea bag.
2. An expression used to describe power over another.
I was so scared, he had his balls over my head.
by fool October 22, 2003
....To Kroog.
"After the child jumped back into the mom's vagina the doctor declared him a Kroogen."
by fool June 16, 2004
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