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In Spanish (gay) slang, effeminate behaviour, demeanour, looks or intonation. General Spanish, "feather"
Ese tío tiene más pluma que un pavo real
That guy has got more feathers than a peacock
Busco macho de menos de 30. Abstenerse plumas.
Look for male younger than thirty. No feathery ones.
by fonsucu October 05, 2008
In spanish slang , something boring.
Esa película es un rollo
That film is boring
Qué rollo de tío!
What a boring guy!
by fonsucu July 10, 2008
Spanish slang for line of cocaine
Hazte un tiro, tío!
Make us a line, mate!
by fonsucu January 20, 2009
Literally, to penetrate anally. Very often used to send someone to hell.
Que te den por el culo!
Get fucked!

Ese, con tal de dar por el culo, hace lo que sea
The guy does anything as long as he hassles you
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
In Madrilian slang, whore, prostitute
Salí de farra y acabé con una lumi
I went out for a spree and ended up with a whore

En la Gran Vía madrileña hay mogollón de lumis
In Madrid's Gran Vía there are tons of whores
by fonsucu February 03, 2009
Cigarette made of marijuana or haschisch, usually mixed with tobacco and having a cardboard filter in the Spanish style. Joint.
Hazte un peta, tío! Roll a joint, man!

by fonsucu June 10, 2008
In Spanish slang , an instance of heroine consumption, typically burning a line of heroine on foil paper, heating it with a lighter under it, and sniffing the smoke with a rolled note.
Se hicieron un chino en una esquina
They made a chino in a corner
Para evitar el SIDA, hoy los yonkis hacen chinos
To avoid AIDS, nowadays junkies make chinos
by fonsucu October 12, 2008

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