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50 definitions by fonsucu

A homosexual who likes fucking without condoms, "a pelo". Barebacker.
Apelero busca machos para orgía
Barebacker looks for macho men for orgy
by fonsucu October 03, 2008
One of the very few Spanish words where the h is pronounced. A hard greenish substance derived from Cannabis Sativa widely smoked in Spain
En España el hachís es tan popular como el vino
In Spain haschish is as popular as wine
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
In Spanish slang, cunt
El chumino te huele a toronja

Your cunt smells of pomelo
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
An absurd action, suggestion or comment.
"No me vengas con paridas" "Don´t come with silly suggestions"

"Ha escrito cuatro paridas y se cree un escritor" " He has written some pieces of nonsense and believes himself a writer"
by fonsucu June 09, 2008
Something that is very boring or annoying
" Qué coñazo de película!" "What a boring film!"

"Deja de darme el coñazo, tío" "Stop hassling me, mate"
by fonsucu June 09, 2008
Noisy, repetitive techy music popular in Spain, particularly in the megadiscos along the Mediterranian coast. Apparently best enjoyed with high doses of MDMA.
Paso de bakalao, tío, me pone la cabeza como un bombo
Couldn't care less about bakalao, mate, it gives me headache
by fonsucu January 17, 2009
In Spanish slang, be astounded, originally due to the effects of LSD. These days, be bewildered by something.
Vais a flipar cuando veáis el carro que compré
You won't believe your eyes when you see my new car
by fonsucu October 05, 2008