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2 definitions by fons et origo

A sweet, high-achieving, talented, smart, refined, virtuous, BEAUTIFUL lady who all guys fall in love with at first sight and who insecure girls get envious of. Her fashion sense is impeccable. She has high standards and a strong moral character. Lose her trust and you will spend the rest of your life trying to earn it back. She sees through the disguise of posers and will fight for what is right. All that is good and noble flock to her. She walks with grace while surrounded by a faint ethereal glow, making you wonder if an angel is indeed in your midst.
by fons et origo April 08, 2010
extremely angry. Hulk angry.

a softer way of saying "pissed" said by people who don't want to sound overtly vulgar.
I was so pished at my friend for damaging my car. I'm going to smack her.
by fons et origo December 09, 2010