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a fake last name that a select number of people think is real. it can only be thought of when two girls get bored one night and feel the dire need to combine their last names.
WTF?! Fonman isn't a real last name?
by fonman April 10, 2008
a fat mom, usually living somewhere in new england. Generally this rare species of fat asses are found in the southern most parts of maine. When Hip-Hip is shouted, it is only appropriate to yell OHHHHH in response. Usually this is not understood by aging women.
Mom: "Do I look fat in this shirt?"
Girl 1: "Hip-Hip..."
Girl 2: "OHHHHH!!!"
Mom: "WHAT?!?! I don't get it."

Mom, you're a Hip-Hip...Oh.
by Fonman April 19, 2008

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