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3 definitions by foggel

There is only one known Supremacy Ranger; a Black Supremacy Ranger called the Black Panther Ranger. It is rumored that The Black Panther Ranger is in fact a group of people under the same name.

Morpher: Power Morpher with Panther Ninja Coin
Weapons: Rifles and shotguns
Vehicles: SUVs
Zord: Black Pantherzord

He is/they are White Power Rangers arch enemy.
"Oh, not again... Black Panther Ranger from the Black Supremacy Rangers is once again walking about with his rifles and shotguns and OH SHIT DID HE JUST KILL NINE AND INJURE 56 POLICE OFFICERS?! White Power Ranger, we need you!"
by foggel April 16, 2009
2 1
A word that was invented to have a good excuse to sleep in the middle of the day, without giving other people the impression that one is depressed.

Resting might lead to an Urban Dictionary Appifany, and/or the feeling of being a new man.
"Hey man, wanna play some soccer with me and the guys?"
"Nah, I'm tired man, think I'm gonna sleep."
"What the... in the middle of the day? You ok man?"
"REST... I'm gonna rest, I had a rough day."
"Oh, alright. Some other time then."

When I was resting today (contently), I had an Urban Dictionary Appifany. Then I went to and submitted it, whilst feeling like a new man.
by foggel April 16, 2009
3 3
When an idea for a word suddenly appears in your head.

Likely to happen when not trying to come up with a new word. One is probably doing something boring, like sitting on a buss, or taking a dump.
"Hey, I totally had an Urban Dictionary Appifany on the buss today"
"Cool, what is it?"
"Urban Dictionary Appifany"
by foggel April 15, 2009
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