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A man who has great ability in tactical planning.
"He's a natural military general. A real sabotai."
by fof June 12, 2003
Someone who has flooded a classroom in high school.
"He flooded the chem lab! What a sabotai!"
by fof June 12, 2003
a sulking zebra
That pansy primelord is getting picked on by all of the masculine zebras.
by fof March 26, 2003
a delicious fruit
This kysrup makes me want to wank off.
by fof March 26, 2003
A hotplate that has had gobstoppers melted on it.
"No, not that hotplate. Get the sabotai"
by fof June 12, 2003
a sulking beast
the coffee warlord was a sad, sad thing.
by fof May 20, 2003
When you are completey exhausted and Moof is the only humanly audible thing you can blurt out of your mouth
by FoF September 16, 2003
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