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3 definitions by foana

Slang term orginating from Western Australia, commonly used on vineyards. During constipation, "Pullin' A Nattas" is the act of forcing your fingers up and around the stagnant faeces until you can get a firm grip and pull it out.
-Worker2 leaves toilet after a lengthy stay-
Worker1: Droppin' bombs on Baghdad?
Worker2: Nah I was fully Pullin' A Nattas.
Worker1: Rightio.
by foana July 09, 2009
Slang Australian term for taking an abnormally large or above average shit, which consists of more than 8 parts.
Workers hear the thud of at least 9 pieces of shit enter a toilet bowl.

Worker: "He's totally Droppin Bombs on Baghdad"
by foana July 09, 2009
Term describing the present day female victims of the stolen generation.
Generally speaking they are around 1/4 to 1/8 boong to achieve hot little half cast rating, though this is subject to actual appearance.
-friends talking-
friend1: I was working the till and this boong came up and asked for sex in the neighbouring alley.
friend2: Yeah sounds about right.
friend1: Yeah she was a hot little half cast aswel, spewing my boss was on shift.
by foana July 09, 2009