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a sign one makes with their hands in representation of what set or hood they are from
see dat fool,dont he know he shouldnt be throwin them signs up round hurre
by fo shizzo my nizzo December 31, 2004
one who talks much shit,and so hard on the phone but when you see them are as quiet as a church mouse.
on the phone dude 1:ima fuck you up when i see you your a bitch.on the phone dude 2: whatever your a herb.on the street dude 3: says to dude 2 aint that the bitch that was talkin shit to you on the phone the other day. dude 2 : yea wus up now bitch. dude 1: i aint say nuthin i dont want no problems,wasnt me
by fo shizzo my nizzo December 31, 2004
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