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1/5 of the nicest, most awesome band ever, called The Wanted. His voice is a gift from God, he's so talented just like every other member of The Wanted. Originally from Gloucester (named Farmland by him), he has a younger sister named Jess. He's a Manchester United fan, he plays the piano. Basically sex on legs, perfect brown hair, face, smile, gorgeous green/blue eyes and his laugh *dead* He's kissed Britney Spears #nicely Nath is a terrible cook (loves tea, thought), takes the most time to get ready and is a fan of Boyz II Men. Often wears caps, and does a perfect impression of a fly.
He loves tents, golf courses and combine harvesters. May also be known as Baby Nath, Nath, Syko, Sid, Picklebunny. Is apart of the bromances know as Jaythan, Niva, Mathan and Nom. The amazing TWFanmily named Sunday "SykesSunday" Catch Phrase: Sexy Time

You may know his twin? Sid the Sloth from Ice Age?
"Oh my gawd, Nathan Sykes is asdfghjkl."

"I agree, he is a sex god."

"Nathan James Sykes do the fly?"

"Nath, my tent or yours?"

"Nathan, you're perfect. Now stick the kettle on, will ya?"
by Flyy August 07, 2012
1. Not a tool.
2. A loose, immoral girl who takes other womens' men. (Hoochie Mama)
1. I can't stand that ho!
2. That stank ho better leave my man alone.
by flyy May 07, 2003

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