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A haiku-like poem, free of the traditional meter and length restrictions, but resembling the age-old art form.
It was a beautiful faux-ku poem, full of rich emotion, but totally breaking the rules. Example:
The words were beautiful
As always.
You too are beautiful
In so many ways.
You are a part of us
Inseparable and Loved.
by flyingdog May 06, 2010
Food items marketed as wasabi, but having little or no actual wasabi, which is rare and costly. Horseradish and vinegar are used as substitute flavors and natural coloring (light green) is added.
Bummer! I bought this expensive wasabi mayo, only to find that it has almost no real wasabi. Should be called fauxsabi, man.
by flyingdog April 22, 2010
What some people who give large sums of money expect from their charities.
Mr. Big Bucks gave his prep school so much money, the headmaster practically gave him philanthrolatio in public.
by flyingdog January 14, 2012
That lazy kind of sex after/while smoking weed.
It was a snowy Sunday, so we had an afternoon of bonga-bunga. Lasted for a couple of hours, I think.
by flyingdog January 14, 2012
After a big hit, what happens when you cough back into the bong, blowing ash, embers and smoke all over.
Wow, that dude's a total lightweight. One hit and he hacked back a class 5 Hindenbong. Thought he was going to set the furniture on fire. Took, like, five minutes for the smoke to clear.
by flyingdog April 03, 2012
A sputtering fart, caused by an overstretched anus expelling gas.
After all that buttfucking, his asshole was so loose that his farts sounded like a kazoo. He was, like, totally flapulent.
by flyingdog March 25, 2012

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