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Last resort strategy when constipated and four cups of Peet's coffee and half a dozen bran muffins just don't do the trick.
Oh man, I have such a logjam. Nothing's working. Guess I'll just have to push 'n pray.
by flyingdog May 13, 2008
self-appointed enforcer of all things vegetarian (or vegan).
Did you see the look Heather gave me when I ordered the caesar salad with chicken? Is she some kind of vegilante, or something?
by flyingdog May 18, 2008
what toilet paper is for.
After I finished taking a memorable dump, I had to use the toilet paper, like, three times to handle all the extrament. That burrito was the gift that kept on giving.
by flyingdog May 17, 2008
how stoned you are (on a scale of zero to infinity)
Those brownies were awesome, man. Total wrecktitude!
by flyingdog September 19, 2008
One way to make time fly.
Is it last call already? Someone must be using the clockapult, bummer!
by flyingdog June 15, 2008
A going-away fuck.
Jared was going on a two week business trip to Yemen, so he had a little Bone Voyage party with a few close friends before he left. Quite a "swapmeat" if you know what I mean.
by flyingdog April 14, 2009
where pretentious and precocious meet...often with very unfortunate results.
She's way too young to have such attitude, man, totally pretocious!
by flyingdog April 09, 2009
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